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  Backyard BBQ Sauce

BackYard BBQ Sauce is a vinegar-based sauce that is so unique it compliments any meat.  This sauce can be used as a marinade or a finishing sauce for pork, chicken, turkey, beef, wild game, or grilled veggies. 
Backyard BBQ was developed in 1999 when Ryan Hicks was transferred with his corporate job from the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina to Cincinnatti, OH.  Not having his favorite BBQ sauce readily available, Ryan starting experimenting with his own recipe in his tiny apartment kitchen.  After several years, Ryan was able to move back to South Carolina and the sauce became more and more popular with his friends and locals.  The demand for the sauce began to grow as Ryan opened his own catering business, primarily to cater to the Southern tradition of pig pickins'.  As the demand for the sauce grew, several speciality shops began to carry his sauce.  Finally, in 2009, Ryan was able to get the sauce into a local Piggly Wiggly.  Since 2009, the sauce has been shipped all over the country, including Seattle, WA; Dallas, TX; Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and even to Brazil and South Korea.  
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